Chips and Salsa Half Marathon

So I went to Albuquerque a couple of weekends ago ( Sept 19)  and ran the Chips and Salsa Half Marathon. I wanted to run this race so that I could practice my marathon pace for the Duke City Marathon, which is a month away. My plan was to run it in 1:55:00 ( which is about 8:46/mile) so that in the Marathon I could run at least a 3:50. I was a little nervous because I had not run that long of a run at pace. I have been doing my long runs at about 10:30/pace to 11/pace which is a long way from the pace I want to run my marathon in!
This was one race where my hubby did not go with me so I have no pictures. My father lives in Albuquerque, but since I was going to have to be at the race area around 6:30 am, I told him he didn’t need to go with me since there would be nothing for him to do until I came in. I didn’t want him to have to wake up at 5 am just to stand around outside for 3 hours! The night before I saw people putting up port-a-potties up by my father’s house and found out the race ran right by my house! That was pretty awesome! So I told my dad he could just wait out there around 8:15 am to see me run by.

I started the race and felt pretty good, so I stepped up my pace a little.
Around mile 10 I got to see my dad by his house. I finished with a 1:53:10 official time and my garmin read 1:52:48. The pace came out to an average of 8:36/ mile. I was actually running most miles around 8:20/mile but slowed down the last 3 miles. I was really happy to beat the 1:55! My dad meet me at the finish line, which was a surprise! I came in 6 th in my age group and 68 overall out of 231for the half. Don’t you just love when you get a better time than what you wanted?

I think this last month I am going to do at least one run a week with the 8:35/ pace so that I can practice more for the marathon. I want to get under 4:00 for the marathon, but I really want to break my PR of 3:55….. time will tell if I do!


About angierunner

I am a college graduate that never moved away from her college town. One of my hobbies is to train and run races, usually half marathons and marathons. I am always trying new healthy foods. I just recently got into eating lots of Vegan and Vegetarian dishes. I am not a Vegetarian, but I like to "flirt" with the idea. This blog will be mainly just me living my life...
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