Starbucks and swimming with masters

This Thursday morning was just the typical morning for me.  I got up at 5:30am to go swimming with my masters swim group then came home and made this lovely breakfast, eggwhites on an western alternative bagel with an apple and a mini babybel light cheese… oh and a grande nonfat misto from starbucks.


I love starbucks and go there 3 to 4 times a week! I actually use to work at starbucks and know a thing or two about what to order and not to order in order for my starbucks addition to stay on my diet.  If you want more info on how to order smart at starbucks check out L-Jay’s blog.  He has some great tips on keeping starbucks drinks low calorie!

Well, I’m off to work.  Anyone else love starbucks? What’s your favorite drink?

Mine is a pumpkin spice latte… but most of the time I just get a coffee and add nonfat milk or a nonfat misto ( steamed milk and coffee) instead since a pumpkin spice latte has a ton of calories and is seasonal. Hope everyone has a great day!


About angierunner

I am a college graduate that never moved away from her college town. One of my hobbies is to train and run races, usually half marathons and marathons. I am always trying new healthy foods. I just recently got into eating lots of Vegan and Vegetarian dishes. I am not a Vegetarian, but I like to "flirt" with the idea. This blog will be mainly just me living my life...
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