Breakfast cookie and a morning swim

This morning I got up at 5:30 and drank some java before heading out the door to swim with my master swim group at 6. Today’s practice involved kicking , pulling, and freestyle. We did a pacing set and build set. Pacing is definately hard! The first couple of 100 hundreds are easy to keep a fast pace, but the last coupe of hundreds are difficult!

Once I got back home I took out my pre-made breakfast from the frig and dug in!


Breakfast Cookie! I used almond milk in mind and added coco powder to it to make it taste extra chocolate-ly! I added fresh blueberries on top and had some more java before heading out the door to work. I love quick and easy breakfasts, especial ones that are pre-made and with extra protein!

What you like to eat for breakfast to get your day going?


About angierunner

I am a college graduate that never moved away from her college town. One of my hobbies is to train and run races, usually half marathons and marathons. I am always trying new healthy foods. I just recently got into eating lots of Vegan and Vegetarian dishes. I am not a Vegetarian, but I like to "flirt" with the idea. This blog will be mainly just me living my life...
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