Today I just did not want to get up and workout. I was going to go to a local pool for a swim since I will be missing my Saturday practice, but I didn’t get up in enough time. I slept an extra 45 minutes and then went to the gym. I was only going to run 3 miles but ended up running 5…. what can I say running’s addicting! 😉
I finished up with some arm weights and core. I missed my appointment to get measured earlier this week so I got measured at the end. Here are my stats:

Weight 167 ( what the?? I was 163 last week!)
Body fat 27.2%
BMI 24.7
Shoulders 42.5
Chest 36
Waist 35
Hips 37
Thigh 22
Calf 15.5
Arm 12.5
Measurements are in inches

I want to get measured the week of my sons first birthday so I can compare how far I have gone in a year. I gained 56 pounds while pregnant ( its recomended to gain 25 to 35 pounds) and I have 17 pounds left to go now. I don’t know why I gaine 4 pounds since last week other than I am weening my son so maybe my boby is getting use to that.

Gaining all this weight was so much easier than taking it off! I did get my son as my “prize” for all this extra weight though 🙂 so I can’t complain too much!

We are all going to Taos, New Mexico this weekend to see family. I am going to try my hardest to stay in my calorie range this weekend, but its so hard when you are visiting family. Weekends are hard for me already cand now I won’t be home to make my own meals. Exercising is never a problem for me… I have a long run scheduled for tomorrow and maybe yoga on Sunday, its the eating healthy and booze! I already know I will be having a glass or 2 or 4 with the fam this weekend 😉

What do you do to try and stay on track with healthy eating when you are visiting family?
I try and bring instant oatmeal for breakfast with me and buy fruit there so I start my day off right and have something to snack on during the day.

Do you keep your workout regiment while visiting family?

I try to…. just bring the running shoes and find a place to run!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!


About angierunner

I am a college graduate that never moved away from her college town. One of my hobbies is to train and run races, usually half marathons and marathons. I am always trying new healthy foods. I just recently got into eating lots of Vegan and Vegetarian dishes. I am not a Vegetarian, but I like to "flirt" with the idea. This blog will be mainly just me living my life...
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