Its Friday!


So I got up too late this morning to go out to run. I decided I would sleep in and run 5 to 7 miles after work instead. I had this yummy tuna salad for lunch, which included olives, brocolli, tomato, and feta cheese. This weekend will be the last weekend before my baby turns 1! We are having pictures done on Sunday! I can’t wait! Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Back from Scottsdale

So I am finally back from my girls weekend in Scottdale…. well I have back since Tuesday… but have been trying to catch up on everything. Sometimes you need a vacation after a vacation to catch up on everything… dishes, washing clothes, checking up at work.

This morning I went swimming with my masters group. Afterwards I made this quick breakfast.


A jimmy deans turkey sausage and egg white muffin, fruit bowel and coffee in my new starbucks Phoenix cup. I like to collect starbucks cups from all the cities I go to.

After breakfast I was off to work.  Does anyone collect something from all the cities/towns you visit? I collect starbucks mugs, so far I have one from : Chicago, Miami, Jacksonville, New York, Nashville, and now Phoenix.



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5 miler and relaxing at the pool


Wish you where here?

So I woke up at The W Hotel in Scottsdale this morning and ran a quick 5 miler in the hotel gym before having a quick breakfast of an eggwhite omelte and coffee before heading to the pool to relax.



Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Girls only vacation and an 8 miler

So this morning I ran a quick and hill 8 miler on a trail by my house this morning. I live pretty close to my gym so on the run I stopped by and did so arm free weights and some core exercises before finishing up my run. After my run I packed up the baby and we headed to Albuquerque for my flight. The hubby is staying in the LC while I am going to Scottsdale for a girls only weekend by the pool! I’m flying out of Albuquerque so that my MIL can watch the baby for the weekend. Before my flight took off I went to Whole Foods and made myself this salad ( which was half gone by the time I took a pic). I had myself a glass of wine with the salad to get ready for the weekend trip! 🙂


I hope to do at least a 5 miler there. Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Cleared to Run and an 8 miler

So this morning I went out and ran an 8 miler on a trail near my house.  I only brought my ipod for music no garmin to pace me or check my time. It was a nice change in my routine not to time my run!

After my run I went in for my check up appointment for my hip ( to see if it was healing and if I could continue to run)…. and I was given the go ahead to continue to run and train for The New York Cit INC Marathon! I still have to do all the leg stretches and exercises, but I can live with that! 🙂

After work and came home and made this dinner:


Cauliflower, brussels sprouts, stuffed mushrooms and a vegan sausage, with ketcup and bbq sauce for dipping.  Hope everyone is having a good Wednesday night!


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Morning run in Taos

So yesterday I didn’t have enough time to get in my 10miler before it got super hot so I just run a quick 4miler and decided to run my 10 miler this morning. I got up at 6:30 and had some cereal and java before heading out for my run.  Here’s what the road looked like coming out of the ranch

Can’t get any better than that! Here are some more photos of my run

Half way throught my run I needed some water so I went into this place and got a bottled water along with a shot of espresso for an extra pick me up.


Now back home! Hope everyone is having a great Sunday!

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Today I just did not want to get up and workout. I was going to go to a local pool for a swim since I will be missing my Saturday practice, but I didn’t get up in enough time. I slept an extra 45 minutes and then went to the gym. I was only going to run 3 miles but ended up running 5…. what can I say running’s addicting! 😉
I finished up with some arm weights and core. I missed my appointment to get measured earlier this week so I got measured at the end. Here are my stats:

Weight 167 ( what the?? I was 163 last week!)
Body fat 27.2%
BMI 24.7
Shoulders 42.5
Chest 36
Waist 35
Hips 37
Thigh 22
Calf 15.5
Arm 12.5
Measurements are in inches

I want to get measured the week of my sons first birthday so I can compare how far I have gone in a year. I gained 56 pounds while pregnant ( its recomended to gain 25 to 35 pounds) and I have 17 pounds left to go now. I don’t know why I gaine 4 pounds since last week other than I am weening my son so maybe my boby is getting use to that.

Gaining all this weight was so much easier than taking it off! I did get my son as my “prize” for all this extra weight though 🙂 so I can’t complain too much!

We are all going to Taos, New Mexico this weekend to see family. I am going to try my hardest to stay in my calorie range this weekend, but its so hard when you are visiting family. Weekends are hard for me already cand now I won’t be home to make my own meals. Exercising is never a problem for me… I have a long run scheduled for tomorrow and maybe yoga on Sunday, its the eating healthy and booze! I already know I will be having a glass or 2 or 4 with the fam this weekend 😉

What do you do to try and stay on track with healthy eating when you are visiting family?
I try and bring instant oatmeal for breakfast with me and buy fruit there so I start my day off right and have something to snack on during the day.

Do you keep your workout regiment while visiting family?

I try to…. just bring the running shoes and find a place to run!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

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